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Bethlehem Boxing Club Physio David Foster
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David Foster has been with Bethlehem Boxing Club since the club opened some 4 years ago. During that time, David has treated a variety of Boxer injuries and ailments. He has a diversity of skills ranging from treating Sports Injuries to Scar Tissue Reduction.
Feel Free to watch the following video where Lee Murtagh talks about the impact that David has had on Bethlehem Boxing Club...
Here are a few examples of the different types of treatments that David Foster has used at the Bethlehem Boxing Club Gym
Lee Murtagh Bethlehem Boxing Club
During his challenge for the Irish Title, Lee sustained a scar. Through effective scar removal treatment, there is little sign of any evident scar scar or facial marking.
Paul Gale Bethlehem Boxing Club
During his career in the building trade, Paul has experienced Back Problems. David has used Physiotherapy manipulation techniques to reduce tension in Paul's back.
Sam Smith Bethlehem Boxing Club
During training, Sam Smith sustained a nasty shoulder injury. Over a few months, David used his physio skills to ensure a full recovery. Sam went on to win the WBF Women's Word Title.