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Welcome to Bethlehem Sports & Nutrition.. For advice and guidance..
We offer advice in a variety of areas of Sports Science. We are unique as a Boxing Club as we have the acclaimed Sports Physio David Foster, who specialises in many elements of Physiotherapy and SSophie Varley is always at hand to give guidance where required.
Sophie Varley is working her Magic with the Ladies Training Sessions.
If you require a pair of boxing gloves or need advice on sports wear that you "don't want to break the bank" and is fit for purpose, then you have come to the right place. We also stock Bethlehem Boxing Club Branded Sportswear Clothing that are of high quality at upto 50% off High Street prices for the same quality clothing..
Bethlehem Sports And Nutrition
Bethlehem Boxing Club provides a variety of dietary and nutritional sports supplements. Lee Murtagh explains - "Our prices have to be right to attract repeat customers..
Bethlehem Sports And Nutrition
Lee Murtagh explains - "We ensure our customers get value for money" The Bethlehem Boxing Brand is establishing itself and is being recognised as far a Russia and Asia.